La Paz and Death Road

I don’t really like big cities, but La Paz is an interesting one, not looking like the other south american’s capitals at all. To start, it’s the highest capital in the world,  3600 meters above the sea level, 4100 its airport. If you’re getting here from Potosí, Copacabana or any other high city you’ll be fine, otherwise you may need coca leaves (or tea) and a few days to get used to it. We stayed again in the Wild Rover (, 45 Bols per night per person, same level of the others Wild Rovers, nice beds, hot showers, clean toilets, party everynight, breakfast ok.

The city isn’t properly beautiful, a bit too messy and noisy, but it’s interesting. The Mercado de Las Brujas is very interesting, selling from clothes and souvenirs to dehydrated lhama’s fetus and candles, to make the popular “oferendas” to Pachamama, the mother nature. There is one Mercado close to the city center, but I’ve heard that the Mercado de Las Brujas of El Alto, city just beside La Paz, is less tourist and more interesting.

There is amazing free city tour here, guided by Red Caps (, with lots of interesting and untypical informations, passing through the main places in the city. It starts in the Plaza San Pedro, at 11h and 14h, don’t miss it! They also organize other tours, such as pub crawls, trekkings, etc, and you can also get nice discounts in activities with them, like the Urban Rush (, a 50 meters rapel in a building in the middle of La Paz, which costs around 100 Bols.
One very popular attraction here is the Death Road, maybe the most famous downhill in the world. It’s a must-do! It’s a full day attraction,  you live about 7:30 and come back around 20h. It’s not really dangerous, and you don’t need to be an athlete to do it, 90% of the time it’s downhill,  with only some plan parts. There are thousands of agencies doing this tour, we did with Platinum, located juest beside the Loki Hostel, and it was all great, the guides, the food and specially the bikes. We have paid 350 Bols (140 reais) for a 2014 Specialized (great brand) bike with front suspension, you can pay a little bit more for a full suspension bike (450 Bols), but i think it’s not necessary, front suspension is enough.

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