Isla del Sol and Isla del la Luna

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Magic place, one of my favorites in the whole trip, you must go there! On the way to Isla Del Sol i passed in the Isla Del La Luna, not really interesting, small and with just one temple, Palacio de las Vírgenes Del Sol. There are many different prices for the boat to the island, depending on if you pass in the Isla de la Luna, if you coming back in the same day… We went through the Isla de La Luna living 8:30, we got in the Isla de la Luna at 11h, they gave us one our there (more than enough) and after one hour more to the south part of Isla Del Sol, getting there at 13h. They charged us 30 Bols (12 reais), and 25 Bols (10 reais) to come back from the north part.

The Isla Del Sol has two main parts, the north, where are most of the temples and attractions, and the south, more civilized offering more restaurants and hostels/hotels. We had two days to stay there, so we decided to get in the south side, closer to Copacabana, and cross in the same day to the north part, sleeping there and visiting the attractions in the next day. The cross is incredible, they call it “El Camino Sagrado De Los Incas”, or the sacred trail of the Incas, and on the way you pass in many local pueblos, most of them living of agriculture. It is about 10 km long (3-4 hours), and there two possible ways, one a bit longer but planer and the other more irregular and shorter. We did the shorter, it was awesome, we were so lucky that we got a local wedding in one of the villages, it was happening on the beach close to the village, and there were about 200 hundred people dressed as “cholos” and “cholas”, fantastic!

Ah, it’s important to say that on both ways you pay around 30 Bols (12 reais) in “toll charges”, take care because they can try to charge twice sometimes, show the ticket and be incisive!

Once in the north part it is easy to get a place to stay, we got a place for 25 Bols (10 reais), good price, in the house of one of the locals, which was great. We bought pasta and sauce and for 10 extra Bols (4 reais) they let us cook in their mud oven, nice experience!

All the temples and attractions here are about 1h walking, soyou can easily get to know all of them before the last boat to Copacabana, 13:30. If you want to camp just take your tent and put it in any beach around, probably will have lots of people with you.


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