Copacabana – Nice and cheap city, good to rest. There lots of restaurants offering menus (soup+main course+desert, always banana and chocolate syrup) for 20 Bols ( 8 reais), the vegetarian option normally os omelete with vegetables, rice and fried potatoes. If you get in the city with the Titicaca Bus they probably are going to offer  the first night in the hotel El Mirador for 40 Bols (15 reais) in a private room with hot shower,  which is a good deal. The hotel has wifi in the reception (it’s hars to get decent wifi in this city) and breakfast included (fruits, which is not common). From the second night it jumps to 70 Bols, i moved to the Colonia Del Lago, you can negociate to pay 50 Bols for a private room with shower ( it’s not common to find dorms in Copa).

In the city, almost everything is in the av. 6 de Agosto,  restaurants,  street markets, money exchange,  etc. The Catedral de la Virgen de la Candelaria is nice, which a room dedicated to Virgins from other countries,  including the brazilian Nossa Senhora Aparecida. On weekends, there is the challa in the front of the church, it’s a ceremony to bless new cars, mixing indigenous (inca/aymara/quechua) and catholic rituals, interesting!

The Cerro Calvário is also nice, in the way up it has the 14 steps of Jesus in the Via Crucis, and from the top you have a nice view of the city and Isla Del Sol.

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